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SHHH! Stories about abortion and sexuality

Women have always found ways to terminate unwanted pregnancies, and they always will. History shows that when abortion is inaccessible or against the law, women will still have illegal abortions. In some cases, with their lives at stake.

This exhibition is based on stories about abortion, from various times and various places in the world. With SHHH! we want to break the silence, crush some myths and make room for the universal experience abortion is.

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    Ali Suliman, Anno museum
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    Ali Suliman, Anno museum
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    Ali Suliman, Anno museum

Online exhibition launched spring/summer 2022

We are working on an online version of the exhibition Shhh! Stories about abortion and sexuality. The exhibition will be launched during the spring/summer of 2022.

The exhibition is made by:

Project manager: Mona Holm, Kvinnemuseet

Project assistant: Thea Aarbakke, Kvinnemuseet

Concept development and exhibition design: Kunstnergruppa OTALT, by Sara Falkstad and Helene Karlsson, Arvika, Sverige

Research/Collection: International Association of Women’s Museums, IAWM

Illustration: Helene Karlsson
Text: Sara Falkstad, Mona Holm, Tilla Solli and Thea Aarbakke
Graphic design: Ellen Jacobsen, PETRA designkontor
Film photography/director: Martin Høgberget and Teater i Glåmdal, by Øivind Roos
Exhibition design consultant: Gry Linderud, Anno museum

Special thanks to:
Pupils at Medier og kommunikasjon Sentrum vgs., Skyline Studio Erik Marthinsen, Sondre Hagemo, Torkil Grønnerud, Jan Børli, Colin Eccleston, Flisa trykkeri, Minel Glåmdal AS, Anno museum, Sex og Politikk, Sex og samfunn, Poliklinisk gynekologisk avdeling Kongsvinger sykehus and the exhibitions reference group.

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