The International Association of Women's Museums

The National Women's Museum of Norway is in a collaboration with women's museums all over the world. Since the first international meeting in Merano, Italy, in 2008, these museums have worked together to strenghten each other through networking.

The Women are the Ones who write the History of the World! There has to be a Women's Museum in every Country of this World.

Shirin Ebadi

International annual congresses every four years

Autumn 2016, El Museo de la Mujer in Mexico hosted the latest IAWM congress. The IAWM congresses are open for all members of the IAWM, and last two days. One day is dedicated to the General Assembly, which also elect the new board for the next four years.

Visit the IAWM web site here:
  • Deltakerne på den europeiske kvinnemuseumskonferansen i Bonn 2014
    Europeisk kvinnemuseumskonferanse i Bonn 2014 Frauenmuseum Bonn