Barbara Adler / Barbara Adler
Barbara Adler

The Lesbians rebel

Lesbian feminists in the 1970s and 1980s

New exhibition summer 2022

In 2022, 50 years have passed since homosexuality was decriminalised in Norway. This will be celebrated all over the country during Queer Culture Year 2022. (No.: Skeivt kulturår).

The exhibition is a collaboration between artist Inge Ås and the Women's museum Norway.

About the exhibition

In 1975, a group of lesbian feminists established the first organization for lesbians in Norway. Following a lengthy struggle to create their own arenas, they formed the Lesbian Movement, were given space at the Women's House in Oslo, and established SFINXA – lesbian print.

The women made their views on current social problems known through poster art, political actions, theatre, comics, and their own lesbian magazine. Lesbian feminists were actively participating on many fronts: in the creation of shelters, for elective abortion, in the fight against AIDS, and for eco-feminism.

The exhibition’s works and documentation showcase artistic vigour, youthful impatience, political commitment, friendship, and a lot of humour.

Thanks to Inge Ås' artistry and abundant private archives, the Women's museum Norway is able to present a flashback to this important period in Norwegian women's and gay history.

Exhibition period 02.04.2022–31.07.2022

Poster art from the exhibition:

  • Trykk. Inge Ås. (Foto/Photo)
  •  (Foto/Photo)
  • Det ble utlyst en anonym plakatkonkurranse til festivalen. Forslaget fra Kvinneverkstedet SFINXA, med en flyvende og strikkende drage, vant. Tegning: Inge Ås og Kjersti Fjeldstad. (Foto/Photo)
  •  (Foto/Photo)

The exhibition is created by

  • Artist and exhibitor: Inge Ås
  • Project manager and editorial responsibility: Thea Aarbakke/Women's museum Norway
  • Graphic design: Ann Avranden
  • Production consultant: Gry Linderud/Anno Museum
  • Project staff: Mona Pedersen and Mona Holm/Women's museum Norway
  • Artist assistant: Henriette Stensdal
  •  (Foto/Photo)
  •  (Foto/Photo)