Playing for life

We are all given a gender when we are born. We become either girls or boys. How does this affect us and our lives?

  • Papirdukker
    Papirdukkene "Darling Dolls"
  • Dukkekjøkken
    Komfyr, kjeler og gryter i dukkestørrelse
  • Cowboy og indianer
    "Cowboy og indianer"-figurer
  • Rød dukkevogn
    En fin, rød dukkevogn må til når man skal ut og gå!
  • Dukkehus
    Hjemmelaget dukkehus med hjemmelagde møbler
  • Actionman
    Leker man med dukker hvis man leker med Action Man?

For some, the gender they were given fits. For others, it doesn't.

Gender creates boundaries for us all. These boundaries can be both good and bad, but are difficult to break free from.

This exhibition is about childhood and gender.
It shows how girls and boys play and have played, then and now.
It shows quite a bit of injustice. It shows a lot of fun.

You will realize that the boundaries surrounding childhood, play and gender have changed a lot throughout history.
We hope it can give you some food for thought.
We hope it will make you want to play!


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