"I tell you, I am terribly happy..."

... were Dagny's words to her uncle in January 1893. She was going to move to Berlin to continue her musical education with the famous piano teacher Holländer.

From little Kristiania, Dagny came to Europe's new metropolis, where several of her friends lived. One of them was Edvard Munch. He introduced Dagny to the circle of artists who met in the tavern Zum schwarzen Ferkel. The friends Dagny made here were to affect the rest of her life, in more than one way.

For five years, beginning in 1893, Berlin became Dagny's home abroad. Despite this, she spent altogether more time at Rolighed in Kongsvinger than in Berlin the following years.

Her years in Berlin made Dagny a pianist and writer, inspiress and muse, an object of hate and desire, bohemian queen, wife and mother – to a women with an unusual background and uncommon experiences. When she arrived in Berlin, she was "terribly happy" to be there, but when she left the place, she hated it with a passion.