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The Lady in Berlin

This part of the museum tells the story of the boheme Dagny Juel (1867-1901) and her place among Europe's great artists as pianist and writer.

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The villa Rolighed, where the Women's Museum is situated today, was the childhood home of Dagny Juel, and the exhibition describing her life can be found in the old bedroom of Dagny and her sisters. You can listen to some of her poems, accompanied by music composed especially for our exhibition, read about her interesting life and tragic death, explore how posterity treated her name and reputation, and watch a documentary about the life of the Bohemian Queen from Kongsvinger.

The exhibition was created by Roar Lishaugen and Anders Hauger to the Dagny Juel-Jubilee of 2001.

The texts were adapted for the web exhibition by Maren Sofie Løfsgård.

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