"De la musique avant toute chose"

In total, we know about 14 poems written by Dagny Juel. They were probably written over a period of some length, and the last one was allegedly written one of the last days of her life. None of the poems were published before her death. One of them is dedicated to her son Zenon.

... my wife sits next to me, writing lengthy hymns to our son in Norway, who is just now stuttering his first words...

Stachu to the publisher Arnost Proxházka in Prague

Stachu writes like never before, and I too have written a few little pieces.

Dagny to her friend Margarethe Ansorge

It is such a curse that when you first begin writing, it is impossible to stop. First comes one theme, then another, and it continues like this. My books are not yet published in Norwegian, otherwise I would have sent them to you.

Dagny to her friend Margarethe Ansorge