I will tell my life's strange story. Maybe will not everyone find it so strange, – maybe the same have happened to others, but I have never heard anything about it, and because of this I think, that I am the only one ever to have had such terribly tragical, mystical destiny to look at. First, such boundless life's happiness! I saw him and knew at that point, that I had to own him, and that it was my life's great, deep meaning. We both knew, that we had to live together, should life have any value. And I became his, and he became mine, and she who stood between us, – we killed.

from Dagnys novella 'Rediviva'

Juel has now chosen her career, and seized the pen rather than the cock. She writes short stories of love, whoring, murder and other misery, and the most miserable of all, Poland thinks it's good. But further in animalistic union can no man sink, so all that remains is for him either to rise again, or to die in the dirt. [...] She has promised me she will lend me her manuscript in a few days. Would you be interested in looking at it?

Bengt Lidforss to August Strindberg

Dagny too is seized by a colossal diligence these days and is just working on the last chapter of Tavaststjerna's newest book...

Dagny's sister Ragnhild

Ducha has nearly translated the entire novel; she intends to do business with it in Kristiania.

Stachu about his own novel 'Unterwegs'
  • Damen i Berlin, tittelblad Przybyzewskis Underveis, oversatt av Dagny, foreløpig (Foto/Photo)

Mrs.Przybyszewska's greatest accomplishment is her energetic work for the great journal 'Pan', which was started with such pomp. It was she, who in an inspired moment one evening in "the black pig" came up with the name 'Pan'.

Edvard Munch