Dagny and Stachu had two children, the son Zenon and the daughter Iwa. Both were born at Rolighed, and both were left there to live with their grandparents when Dagny and Stachu were living in Berlin.

Firstly, I wish with all my heart to welcome you to Rolighed!!! Come, whenever you like, it is so quiet and boring here these days, my wife is becoming quite melancholic. [...] When you come to Norway, you shall rest, but maybe work a little now and then. Mainly rest, and get fat; follow me on my travels, go fishing! Hoho, do you fish pike? Oh well, time will show. Welcome to Rolighed!

Dr. Hans Lemmich Juell to his Polish son-in-law

I am bored half crazy here these days, but happily I can work enormously well here. One cannot work in Berlin, one has to come to Kongsvinger for that.

Stachu to Edvard Munch

Maja Vogt is here now, and that is not very much fun – they sit playing cards almost all day, and Dagny ensures Maya how much she hates mama etc. and now this evening there was great insult because mama had not given Stachu his Toddy.

Dagny's sister Ragnhild

I tell you, I am so happy for my boy. I find him wonderfully beautiful and sweet and handsome and healthy too, which is the best

Dagny to her aunt Randi Blehr

... little Zenon is enchanting, and miss Ivi is wonderful... Ducha is busy with Zenon all day, she idolizes and worhips him. Not strange, for the boy is truly incredible. We have been lucky...

Stachu to the author Zenon Przesmycki

My son now says 'mama' and it is no doubt the most interesting thing I have experienced in Norway.

Dagny to Edvard Munch