The International Association of Women's Museums (IAWM)

Det finnes over 80 kvinnemuseer over hele verden! Vi har siden 2008 arbeidet med å styrke hverandre gjennom nettverksarbeid.

  • Åpningsseremoni med alle deltakerne på scenen. Fra første internasjonale kvinnemuseumsmøtet i Merano 2008
    Det første internasjonale kvinnemuseumsmøtet i Merano 2008 Frauenmuseum Merano

Europeisk-asiatisk kvinnemuseumskonferanse i Istanbul 18. til 20. oktober

Tema "Feminist Padagogy: Museums, Memorials and Practices of Rememberance". Arrangør er Kvinnemuseet i Istanbul og SU Gender, IAWM bidrar i foredrag, workshops og panelsamtaler. Se program i lenke.

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IAWMs definisjon av "kvinnemuseer og deres oppgaver"

“Women’s Museums are diverse; they reflect political, cultural, artistic, economic, and social roles and situations of women in the past and present. They preserve and generate women’s cultures, remove prejudices and contribute to the respect of women and human rights. They are a mirror of society and also of the changing of the world.”

Resolution of the 1st International Congress for Women’s Museums in Merano 2008

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IAWMs mål og hensikt

1. Exchange, network, global co-operation of the Women’s Museums, and mutual support. We want to affirm female solidarity by affirming women’s rights.

2. To promote women’s and gender museums and to stand united for the advocacy of gender-democratic societies. Women’s museums are important for women’s education, empowerment and self-confidence. They provide awareness training, possibilities for independent actions and tools to overcome discrimination.

3. To achieve international recognition in the world of museums and to strengthen the acceptance of women’s museums worldwide. It aims to advocate for necessary support (such as staff and finances) for museums within the Association.

Women are the Ones who write the History of the World! There has to be a Women’s Museum in every Country of this World.

Shirin Ebadi, IAWMs gudmor